Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

We all have our own guilty pleasures. Whether it be sneaking and eating ice cream at 3 am or secretly shopping. My guilty pleasure however is gauchos. You know, those hideous capris with the flared out legs and oh so comfortable waist. Let me tell you, the waist on those pants is freaken awesome. Feeling fat today? That's ok! Wear some gauchos and no one will ever know you're bloated. What's awesome is that you can wear them whether you're skinny, bloated, getting a baby bump, or full on pregnant. Just roll that waist up and you're good! Need to dress up? Add a cute top and bam, you're dressed up! These pants are so versatile that they should be illegal. 

If there ever was an article of clothing I could wear that screams "you're not getting lucky tonight," it's my gauchos. My husband could be as horny as ever, walk through the door and see me in my gauchos, and be immediately turned off. Today while I was wearing them he even said, "you're crossing over into uncharted territory." What territory is that you might ask? The ultimate homeschooler/stay at home mom look. He said all I need now is a french braid down my back, a few long floral dresses and a blue jean romper in my closet and I will be set. Talk about a reality flash! 

Sadly enough, I am retiring my gauchos to the giveaway pile. All three pair. Three! Yes, three. Sadly enough I have two blacks and one brown pair and let me tell you, they have lived a happy life. They have been with me through the early stages of love, miscarriages, morning sickness, baby bump, full blown get the heck out my belly pregnancy, and post partum belly. I've grown attached to them. These guys and I have been through a lot and I'm sad to see them go. 

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